Engage with Influencers on Instagram

Influencers is a broad word for bloggers and opinion leaders. However, you will have to work with them if you want to actively develop your account. After all, if at first you can jus buy instagram followers, then you will need to use other tools to promote.

Important tips

Bloggers can be big, with millions of subscribers, or very small. There are bloggers who seem small. For example, many people know pop stars, but only few know the producers, those who created these stars. But everything the producer says on Instagram “will be heard” by all the stars, and then by ordinary people. The scheme is as follows: you find an Influencer and come up with a suitable interaction: “direct advertising”, “collaboration”, “mutual PR”. 

  1. Direct advertising – an Influencer makes content in which he talks about your product. For example, he might come to a coffee shop and make a whole story out of it. 
  2. Collaboration – most often this means creating content together, for example, a coffee shop together with an Influencer creates a series of “how to make cold drinks” videos.
  3. Mutual publicity – you find an Influencer who wants to develop his Instagram page, agree with him that he makes a publication about you, and you about him. Usually you try to find Influencer who has similar coverage and mutual PR for attracting subscribers.

The efficiency of such interaction depends on many factors.

  • Coverage – obviously, the more people see your interaction, the more people will take the targeted action, such as subscribing or buying.
  • Quality of audience – it is important “who exactly” saw your ad, a small coffee shop, you do not need to buy ads from a well-known blogger.
  • Audience loyalty – advertising from bloggers is often perceived as a recommendation of the blogger, if the audience believes the blogger, then the advertising will be treated with attention, if influencer every day doing ads different coffee houses and says “this is the best coffee house in the world, now I’ll go here! – There’s a lot less trust in him.
  • Quality of interaction – we mean all sorts of things here that influenced the conversion rate of the ad. One audience needs to tell “this is the best coffee in the world,” the other “a mug of coffee, lost sleepiness, and 6 hours straight I wanted to work! 

Sometimes the contests where you have to sign up for an account involve experts. These are people who are practically professional contestants, they create dozens of fake accounts to increase their chances, the prizes they win are then sold out. In order to get fewer of these professionals to participate in your contests, use prizes with little value, but that are meaningful to your target audience, or something that makes no sense to sell – merch, with a personal autograph, for example. 

If you want to get as many followers instagram as possible and keep their attention, you’ll need to use our tips. This will help you get great results and actively develop your account. Now there are many great tools to help you speed up the process.