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Sustainable online work, uninterrupted communication with the dealer can only support high quality software. There are practically no gambling establishments, so you have to use third-party products. And since there is demand, then there is supply. Moreover, there are many, very different proposals, choose any. For example, an automated service with very interesting features is offered. Tables here are shared with other establishments. But in this case there are no branded elements: chips and cards. The user, and the online casino itself, costs such an innovation much cheaper than those gambling houses where the user is forced to undergo personalization, where the institution is branded, and strong, and tables and dealers are allocated.

There are many developers, the competition among them is strong, which is why the game providers are fighting for the customer, for a position that is better and more profitable. The most stable position is experienced developers (companies). For example, companies such as Microgaming, and Playtech, not inferior to it, have long been recognized in the gambling market. They have a brilliant reputation and an extensive clientele. And beginners (for example Evolution Gaming) are still looking for their way, their solutions in the field of gaming software.

There are many offers on the market. It’s hard to choose the best one. Therefore, to your attention, to understand the situation and familiarization, we offer a small overview of the best (author’s opinion) products that are available to the user today.

Global gaming labs

This supplier has been on the market since 2002. It has over 70 customers in the asset. The main direction is the development of gaming programs. The emphasis is on working with a dealer. The products manufactured by the company are not satisfactory; they are of high quality, simple and easy to handle. At the service of the user:

  • blackjack with and without a limit;
  • American and European roulettes;
  • baccarat;
  • Hold’em.

A distinctive feature of the products is the friendliness of dealers, responsiveness. True, only those who make the right choice, or rather, the game, can talk with them. In this case, the user is given the opportunity to use the chat.


Opened in 2005, registered in Malta. The main activity is the development of gaming programs, mainly social. Since 2007, the company has been working along the way with gambling establishments, mainly with the dealer, constantly improving its operating time. You can check the quality by visiting Goldbet (online casino). By the way, it is endowed with great functionality. A wide range of functions offered was liked not only by users, but also by operators.


We can say that the company is a long-lived player in the gaming market. Over 15 years ago, this company created an online casino. The first in its story. To date, more than 600 games are listed in its assets. Its products are used by 120 virtual gambling houses, as well as 40 poker rooms. The products are of high quality, constantly offered by the developer to innovations. Today in the gaming industry it is the most famous and leading brand. No wonder it is translated into 24 languages, and is used on online platforms, and in mobile applications, in ground-based institutions.

With the participation of Microgaming, COGRA and, no less well-known, IGC were created. The company always complies with industry standards. It has always been in the forefront, especially when it comes to honesty in the game, user protection, operator responsibility. Its product, designed to work with a dealer, provides for video broadcasting (with high resolution), supports several languages, several windows, an independent user game. At the same time, everything is real. Dealers, as well as cards, are real. Novelty – a gambling establishment called “Playboy Live Dealer”, is characterized by the presence of a dealer, and therefore has become one of the most popular products and, accordingly, the first brand.

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