How to develop a new Instagram account

One of the main aspects that directly affects the development of an Instagram account is user activity on your page. Likes, comments from real people, video views – all together will have a positive effect on the position of publications and the account itself. That is why bloggers are constantly coming up with new ways to engage your audience. Watch them and pick up the trends. If your account is new and has few subscribers, it makes sense to use service to solve this problem. This will allow you to get more trust from your visitors and rank higher with Instagram algorithms.

Reactions to stories

This is one of the innovations of the social network. Subscribers, when viewing a story, can swipe the screen up and choose one of the emoticons reflecting their attitude to this publication. For a while, bloggers have been constantly asking for reactions to their stories. As practice has shown, it doesn’t have any effect on the coverage. But reactions help determine what subscribers like.


Comments affect the rating of posts. Therefore, it is necessary to get feedback from subscribers. And rumor has it that comments in the form of emoticons are not taken into account by Instagram algorithms. For a comment to be useful for promotion, it must consist of at least four words. The speed of reaction to the post also plays a role. The earlier from the moment of publication subscribers start to like and comment, the better. And you, in turn, should respond to every comment and ask counter-question. That’s when the number of comments will be even greater.


There’s no need to talk about the importance of likes, everyone who wants to develop a page on Instagram already knows this. And in order to get more likes, just ask your followers. A call to action increases audience response by almost 90%. Another way to get more likes is like time. The method is especially relevant when publishing new posts. 

Profile visits

In addition to likes, comments and views, the frequency of profile visits also carries weight. How do you get subscribers to visit your page more often? Beautiful photos, harmony of your news feed and usefulness of the posts will encourage users to visit your account again and again. Also, getting the publication in the top will provide you hundreds and thousands of new visits. And the posts that get to the top, quickly get the likes and comments.

Viewing of stories

Stories can also be used to reach the top. To do this, you need to get a lot of views. However, not only their number is counted, but also the depth. It is important that people watch stories to the end, and not click on the screen to scroll further.


Have you noticed the checkbox icon under the photos? If you click it, the photo will be saved in Saved. You can put your favorite photos and publications with useful content there. The number of saves also affects the rating of posts. Most of the time it is posts with picks, recipes, tips and tricks, etc that get saved. 

Services for the development of Instagram

In fact, Instagram does not really like this method of promotion. But if you do not abuse it and use it competently, observing the limits, it can be a very good assistant in the promotion. You can buy, for example, 1000 real instagram followers, and your account will no longer look so empty. For some reason, users are most eager to subscribe to popular accounts. That’s why a page with 1000 subscribers has a much better chance of generating interest than an account with 100 subscribers. Among such services, there are both paid and free sites. On commercial sites, this process takes less time and does not require registration.