How to make profitable express sports bets

Bookmakers offer quite a few options for what sports bets can be made. In addition to ordinary single rates, a large distribution of express trains, which will be discussed further. Despite the fact that express bets on sports are characterized by increased risk, many players prefer them to all other types of wagers. The reason for this is the large coefficients by which the winnings are calculated.

What is express sports betting

Express sports betting consists of several separate bets on the outcomes of different matches. You can, for example, make an express of three football matches by betting on the outcome of each in PinUp betting. The winning factor is calculated by multiplying the coefficients of all the outcomes of which the express consists. For example, you bet on outcomes with ratios 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0. So, if your express is correct, then the total payout ratio will be 1.5X2.0X3.0 = 9.

Express is considered to be won only if all the outcomes for which the bets were made will pass. If at least one of the outcomes does not happen, the bet is considered lost. Express sports betting does not have to consist of two or three outcomes. Many bookmakers allow to create express trains of 5-7 outcomes with huge payout ratios.

The probability of winning express sports betting

As it is not difficult to guess, the more matches are included in the express, the less chance of his winning. It is recommended to make expressions of two or three events, the results of which you are sure. If the bet consists of more games, the chances of winning are minimal. Especially if you are not putting on favorites.

Single sports bets can not offer such big win multipliers, but they provide much higher chances of success. By placing four single bets, you are very likely to win at least one bet. In the case of an express, this cannot be said.

Express Risks

As it is not difficult to guess, the more matches are included in the express, the less chance of his winning. Bookmakers widely advertise express trains, as this type of betting is profitable for them. As for the players, express sports betting can only be recommended as entertainment. To beat the bookmaker with their help you will not succeed, since in the long run the advantage will still remain at the office. Some betters also choose to buy paid predictions, let’s consider this option.

Paid sports predictions

Sports betting attracts players not only as entertainment, but also as an additional source of income. Betting is in most cases for the sake of being able to win money, although the factors of pleasure and excitement are also very important.

This is actively used by private predictors, that is, people who make up professional sports forecasts. A player can buy such a forecast and continue to place sports bets on his recommendations. It turns out that even without knowing anything about the future game, not bothering to analyze the match and study numerous details, the user ensures an additional income.

All this looks too attractive to be true. In fact, forecasts of private predictors turn out to be erroneous, even more often than novices’ forecasts.

The sole purpose of such recommendations is to raise money from gullible users. You can hardly find a private person who has been operating under the same name for more than a year. In the end, he is filled up with complaints by the players themselves, to whom he has sold his predictions.

It should be noted that some players using their knowledge, self-counting probabilities and comparing the lines of several bookmakers receive a steady income using sports bets. Theoretically, such a successful better could sell its predictions. True, the price of such forecasts will be too high to be accessible to ordinary players.

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